Device Integration Platform

The Device Integration Cloud Platform enables device vendors and end-users to administrate and to share device descriptions as well as software artefacts centrally in private and public repositories. The special vendor repositories enable vendors to provide artefacts (DTMs, IODDs, EDDs, etc.) in own vendor specific areas.

The Device Integration Store is also a fix component of the M&M Software fdtCONTAINER application and also integrates supporting functionalities such as searching and finding all necessary DTM setups as well as the installation and updating of DTMs. The integration into other applications, such as engineering and commissioning tools or mobile apps, is possible via the provided API. Thus the Device Integration Store can be considered as a central platform for device vendors, system suppliers and plant operators.

Currently, the Device Integration Store supports the FDT standard, but further device integration standards such as FDI, IO-Link or device descriptions will be supported in future in order to provide a platform that covers everything that is needed for "device integration" (di).

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Free for End-Users
The end-users, such as project-, commissioning or service engineers, profit from the free platform by a unified and easy identification, installation and update of software and device integration artifacts.
Vendor Repositories
Device vendors provide their customers any kind of artefacts such as DTMS, FDI Packages or device descriptions in own vendor specific areas. The outcome of this is a central digital marketplace for device integration.
Project Repositories
End-users can create private or project related repositories. Thus it is for a project engineer possible to share the correct artefacts with commissioning and service engineers.
Focus on Integration
The OPEN INTERFACE enables the integration of the Device Integration Store functionality as well as access to the stored data in any third party application. The interface is e. g. used by the fdtCONTAINER application(Download) to access the FDT specific content.